Detail of “Gravity”. Personal Project. 2018.

“Gravity”. Personal project. 2018. Clip Studio Paint, Wacom Cintiq.

“Avian Guardian”. Personal sketch. 2018.

“Feline Guardian”. Personal sketch. 2018.

“Vulpine Guardian”. Personal sketch. 2018.

“Claudia”. Commission. 2018.

“Too Close.” 1 hour commission. 2018.

“Denholm Is Not A Morning Person”. Personal project. 2018.

“John”. Commission. 2018.

“Hati 2”. Commission. 2018.

“Eclipse”. Personal project. 2018.

“Arefox Tvorsk”. Commission. 2018.

“Autumn’s Portrait of Tvar”. Commission. 2018.

“Spectre’s Eerie Eyes”. Personal project. 2018.

“Mila’s Berserker Form”. Cropped. Commission. 2018.

“Little Red”. Personal project. 2017.

“Sly Hayden”. Personal project. 2017.

“Girls Transforming Into A Bat and a Mouse”. Portrait commission. 2017.

“Bell”. Commission. 2017.

“Spell Incoming”. Commission. 2017.

“DM Screen: Blue Dragon”. Gift. 2017.

“Is That A Werewolf?”. Personal project. 2016.

“Chinese Dragon Lady”. Commission. 2017.

“Cairo Ready For Duty”. Commission. 2016.

“Essence of Lycanthropus”. Personal Project. 2015.

“Dried Wolfsbane”. Personal project. 2015.